A.Vogel Bio-Propolis 2g


Propolis extract has a protective, soothing effect on cold sore development at any stage.


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Cold sores can be both painful and embarrassing. The winter months can leave you a bit run down and this may cause you to be more vulnerable to these little patches of unpleasantness.  Even the sun’s strong UV rays can leave you prone to this condition.


*Made from Propolis extract

*Can be used at any stage of cold sore development

*Is a soothing ointment
*Forms a protective barrier

Bio-Propolis ointment can help to soothe your cold sores even if they have already erupted. The great benefit is that if you miss the tingling stage, this product will still work.

Apply sparingly to the cold sore 5 times a day.

One tube of Bio-Propolis will provide many applications. You only need to apply a tiny amount. Might cause skin irritation in people with bee product allergies. Discontinue use if rash appears.
Avoid contact with the eyes. For external use only.
Not suitable for children under 12 unless on the advice of a healthcare professional.


Ointment containing 3% Purified Propolis Extract ACF®, white petrolatum, liquid paraffin, lanolin and ethanol.

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Weight 2 g

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