A.Vogel Ivy-Thyme Complex 50ml

  • Fresh herb extracts
  • Organically grown


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Vogel Ivy Thyme® is a Traditional herbal medicinal product containing the tinctures of Ivy, Thyme and Liquorice. It is used as an expectorant to relieve a chesty cough, associated with a cold. This is exclusively based on long-standing use. Herbal remedies have a long tradition of use in treating chesty coughs.


Contains the tinctures of: fresh Hedera helix (Ivy) herb 40%, fresh Thymus vulgaris* (Thyme) herb 35%, Glycyrrhiza glabra (Liquorice) dried root 24.875%, Aniseed essential Oil 0.075%, Eucalyptus Essential Oil 0.05%. Extracted in alcohol: 51% v/v.
*Organically grown.

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