Pasta Natura Organic Gluten Free Kids – Multicereal 250g


Pasta with Multicereale flour “La Fattoria delle Meraviglie” is easy to digest.
It is produce with a balanced mixture of Whole Rice Flour,  Buckwheat Flour,  Amaranth Flour, Teff Flour
The richness of fibers make this product ideal for people who want to follow a balanced and healthy diet.
The nutritional value of this pasta is high: – mineral salts – vitamins – proteins Multicereale pasta “La Fattoria delle Meraviglie” was born to improve the quality of life of the whole family: regularly inserted in the food plan, it allows to supplement the diet with excellent nutrients of vegetable origin naturally gluten-free.


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75% Whole Rice Flour, 15% Buckwheat Flour, 5% Amaranth Flour, 5% Teff Flour

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