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Phytonutrients is the name for a group of chemical compounds found in fruit and vegetables, each with a different blend of health properties.

Phytonutrients are commonly found in greatest concentrations just under the skin of fruit and vegetables – don’t peel produce unless it’s essential

Health benefits of phytonutrients include reducing cell damage from free radical chemicals, cell and DNA repair, protecting eye health and decreased risk of many serious diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease.

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What Are Phytonutrients?

” What about the taste! The mix of turmeric and ginger can be felt, yet there is also a feel of citrus (and other fruits). It’s turmeric content gives it a yellowish colour. Whilst the warmth comes from the ginger. It definitely is a pleasant tea to drink.” – Veggy Malta


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Pukka Turmeric Active – herbal care for the active in a teabag

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